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Boost Efficiency and Accuracy in FTTP and PIA Projects with PlanPoint - the innovative A55 Diagram Creation and Storage Solution

Effortlessly Create and Manage Network Adjustment Plans (A55s) with our simple and effective solution - No more paper. No more Spreadsheets.

Revolutionise your FTTP projects with PlanPoint.

Our comprehensive platform provides engineers and back office staff with an end-to-end solution for creating and managing A55s & network adjustment diagram. Say goodbye to manual and time-consuming processes. Our cloud-based system allows you to effortlessly generate accurate A55 diagrams for both PIA alt nets and Openreach projects. Back office users gain full visibility into the project, overseeing the approval process and ensuring timely completion. Plus, our platform offers secure digital evidence storage, eliminating the hassle of physical documentation and ensuring long-term data retention for compliance purposes.

PlanPoint App

Our app saves time and eliminates errors through user-friendly design and streamlined A55 creation.

Precise GPS Mapping
Use our built in GPS to create accurate plans quickly from anywhere.
Digital Evidence Secured
Our app ensures engineers get photos right first time with our built in prompts.
Intuitive Design
We've designed our app with the user in mind. Engineers can get to grips with our app in seconds.
Offline Mode
We allow engineers to work offline, ensuring they can still use our app in the most remote areas.
Extensive Workflows
From Blockages to Traffic Management, our extensive list of plan types ensure your engineers can supply the most relevant information
Customise your A55 to ensure your engineers are capturing the right information with nothing left to interpretation

PlanPoint Hub

Our platform allows your back office team to edit A55s and manage them through the approval swiftly, ensuring you can complete jobs quicker, all whilst saving time and money.

Save time by making quick edits to the A55, no more site revisits required.
Search and Report
Organise your A55s for a clearer view of what you're working on - whether that's a job or a project.
Share your A55s to your clients or other stakeholders to ensure that the A55 can be progressed swiftly.
Instant Visibility
A55s from your engineers are sent through in real time, meaning you can quickly access that plan that everyone is counting on!
Add SPO evidence to your plan keeping all the relevant documents in one place, accessible to all, forever.
Saved forever
Securely store your old plans, available to be looked up whenever you need it in months or even years to come.

The PlanPoint toolkit for building telecoms networks

The PlanPoint apps drive efficiency for those who are building and working on telecoms networks, from planning jobs in the back office, through to carrying out essential work in the field.

Quickly and accurately capture information in the field – empower engineering teams to respond with ease, sharing data in real time.

No paper, no queries – improve efficiency.

Powered by PlanPoint Hub

The PlanPoint platform is a cloud based, centralised system meaning your office team can access all information in one place.
Access A55 plans and box to box diagrams instantly online - from anywhere
Easily make changes and updates – your whole team can see the most up to date information
Export or share online with your customers and clients – all from within PlanPoint

Coming Soon...

Point to Point Interactive straight line diagrams

With Point to Point, you can build extensive box to box diagrams to track the build of telecoms networks.
Add duct sections and statuses to show whether they are un-tested, roped or cabled
Mark which sections are blocked, require traffic management or new duct overlay
Link your A55 plan to blocked sections – all information is stored together
Report on your data to see high level overview of progress by City, Node, Region, Exchange or even contractor
Drill down into the data to individual duct section – full transparency of progress

PlanPoint  Network Topology

With PlanPoint’s network topology features you can add another layer of detail to your box to boxes to show the network equipment as well as the physical infrastructure.

Add equipment to your box to boxes to show locations of fibre network such as nodes, splitters and CBTs. Include cable types for a full network view.

Quickly produce As-Built diagrams from your progress views –simply turn your completed box to box into an As Built diagram.

"Far better than the existing paper and laptop – it was easier to use despite the small size of our iPhones. The training was good and it was nice to be able to take the time to make up pretend scenarios in various places in Stirling"

Openreach FND Engineer - Stirling, Scotland

"It took me less than 5 minutes including walking out and standing where I needed to build my A55 for 2 blockages in a duct section – it is far better than what we do at the moment."

Openreach FND Engineer - Brentwood

"This saved 80-90% in time compared to other A55 method, reduces paperwork and saves us engineers time on site."

Map Group UK Engineer – Birmingham

"The PlanPoint app takes just 2-3 mins for a single blockage and then gets submitted straight to the office. Far better than the paper version that takes approx. 20 mins. This saves us loads of time on site."

Map Group UK Engineer - Midlands

"Quick and easy to set up, the training would not need to be trainer led because the app is so intuitive."

Openreach Learning & Development Lead

"The teams, during training found that using the PlanPoint app to be much quicker to produce A55s than the paper system. The training sessions went smoothly and quickly due to the user friendly and self-explanatory nature of the app"

Hugh Davies, Morrison Telecom Services

"The app is quicker than drawing a paper A55, it takes away paperwork and reduces waiting times. Our gangs are now more productive on site."

Steve Warner, Carroll Build Limited

"From an administrative perspective, this gives an informative, efficient and accurate way of collecting information from A55’s. This makes all of our A55s standardised and in the same format, with the same amount of detail."

Christina Platt – AK Rates Limited

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